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Sodium p-toluenesulfonate

Molecular formula: C7H7SO3Na
Structural formula: 
Molecular weight: 194.14 Product standard: Q/320586MTB05-2000
Appearance: white cystal
Technical requirements:

Item Index
Active matter % 78.00
Moisture % 14.00
Chloride % 2.00
PH range (1% liquid) 7-8


Product uses: it is used as slurry amendment in chemical industry and synthetic detergent. In the synthetic detergent, the washing powder's indicators can reach the standard, it also plays four major roles:
Can reduce the slurry viscosity, improve the slurry fluidity, so that powder convenient, lower energy consumption, thereby enhancing production capacity.
Can improve the water content of water-containing detergent 2-4%, reduce costs.
Can promote the washing powder in the five hydration of hydration, improve the washing powder anti-knot fast performance, improve product quality.
Reduce the amount of fine powder powder spray powder, reduce pollution, increase pollution, increase production
Application method: adding 2-3% (weight ratio) this product in detergent slurry.
Packing: Two-layers packing, inner PVC plastic bag, outer polypropylene woven bag, net weight is 50kg.